Jackie Carter

Jackie has worked with the Alaska Salmon Program since 2004, first as a field technician, then as a data entry technician and research assistant. In 2007, she began an MS program with Daniel Schindler and in 2010 defended her MS thesis titled Effects of Climate Change on Zooplankton Populations in Alaska. She has been a research scientist and database manager with the ASP since 2010. She manages the organization and distribution of long term datasets and spends her summers in the Wood River System in Bristol Bay, where she oversees the long term data collection at the Aleknagik field station. She is also responsible for training field technicians, interns, and new graduate students, and facilitates undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research.


I am broadly interested in the ways aquatic ecosystems respond to long term environmental change. Working with the Alaska Salmon Program allows me to explore those interests at all stages of research – helping new undergraduates and graduates students fine-tune their questions in the field, maintaining the longest continuous salmon/salmon ecosystem monitoring dataset in the world, distributing and analyzing data, and writing/publishing.