Alaska salmon program data

The Alaska Salmon Program holds the world’s longest continuous freshwater salmon ecosystem datasets, with many of our datasets reaching back to 1946. Available data include: date of spring ice breakup, lake level, surface water temperature, temperature-depth profiles, chlorophyll-a, zooplankton densities, littoral zone fish community composition and seasonal growth (beach seine), pelagic zone community composition and seasonal growth (tow net), spawning ground surveys (adult sockeye and other salmonids), and in-stream resident fish community composition, diets, and seasonal growth. In addition to these long-term “core” data holdings, we have both long and short term data from individual projects on topics such as adult salmon behavior and evolutionary ecology, brown bear predation rates, preferences, and population size, timing of aquatic insect emergence, in-stream run timing, timing of smolt outmigration, and genetic parentage analysis of small populations.




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We welcome collaboration with outside entites. Follow this link to request use of ASP data.

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Data sharing and data use agreements

These documents outline the expectations regarding Conditions of Use for external data requests, as well as the Alaska Salmon Program’s internal data sharing protocol.

External data requests Conditions of Use

Internal data sharing protocol