The Alaska Salmon Program welcomes collaboration with outside entities. Our students, faculty, and research staff, however, do get priority use of all ASP data. Prior to distribution of data, we will agree upon the level of collaboration, ranging from a simple acknowledgement to active collaboration and co-authorship.

To request data, please send an email directly to Jackie Carter ( with the subject Alaska Salmon Program Data Request. Include the specific datasets you are requesting, as well as a detailed description of your research question. We require this information to ensure there are no direct conflicts with current or ongoing research within our Program. Read and agree to our Data Use Agreement.

We often receive broad data requests for ‘all data from all systems’. The Alaska Salmon Program will not fill these types of requests. Data requests should be fit to specific project questions and be supported by statement of purpose.

Once data are distributed, do not share further. Any new interest from other collaborators will require a separate data request.